Renzo Piano said

……Creativity is only possible when you share the creativity…..You know what you need to be creative? You just need to decide to become creative……

John Mackey said

Most importantly, life is short and that we are simply passing through here. We cannot stay. It is therefore essential that we find guides whom we can trust and who can help us discover and realize our higher purpose in life before it is too late.

from Conscious Capitalism

This is what the Tin Man does in the Wizard of Oz.

He walks along the yellow brick road with Dorothy and her friends, hoping that when they get to Oz, the great wizard will give him a heart, while the Scarecrow wants a brain and the Lion wants courage. At the end of their journey they discover that the great wizard is a charlatan, and he can’t give them any of these things. But they discover something far more important: everything they wish for is already within themselves. There is no need of some godlike wizard in order to obtain sensitivity, wisdom or bravery. You just need to follow the yellow brick road, and open yourself to whatever experiences come your way.

Homo Deus: A brief History of Tomorrow

다행한 복

읽을 책 곁에 있고, 햇차도 들어왔고, 열린 귀로 개울물 소리, 때로는 음악소리를 들을 수 있으니 얼마나 고마운 일인가. 이 밖에 무엇을 더 바라겠는가. – 법정

젓 먹는 아기

모유로 자식을 기른 엄마는 안다. 아기는 엄마 젓을 먹을 때 반드시 한 손으로 다른 한쪽 젓을 조물락거린다.  그건 아기가 뱃속으로부터 배워가지고 나온 엄마에 대한 애정표현이고, 이 세상이 살 만한 곳이구나 확인하고 안도하는 인간에 대한 믿음의 시작이다. – 박완서

젓먹이는 아내 – 박수근